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Engineering Products For Your Outdoor Lifestyle

There are only a few laws that can never be broken when it comes to the development of hunting products…the laws of physics. Fortunately, Stress Outdoor® a division of Stress Engineering Services, Inc. (Mason, Ohio) has the ability to understand and interpret the laws of physics resulting in product performance and safety advantages for our clients. Stress Outdoor has a staff of 60 engineers with advanced engineering degrees and 25,000 square feet of test laboratory space devoted to helping clients develop new products or improve the performance of existing products that are used in the outdoor industry.

The outdoor hunting / sporting industry is as deep as it is wide. Categories range from firearms, archery, hunting and fishing to climbing, hiking, skiing and off-roading, with every form of performance enhancing product and accessory in between. We have a multitude of engineers, fully engaged in the outdoor lifestyle, trained in the underlying physics of mechanical engineering, composites, metallurgy, fluid dynamics, plastics and electrical engineering. As users of many of the products the industry offers we have a unique ability to help our clients develop better products for the outdoor industry.


Engineering Services for Outdoor Product Manufacturers


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