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Hunting Products

Engineering Testing and Reliability & Safety Assessment

Product performance and safety is paramount to hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Stress Outdoor® recently expanded its lab to 25,000 square feet where custom product performance and safety testing can be completed. Our facilities include a state-of-the art polymer and composites laboratory, numerous load frames for mechanical testing and a noise and vibration testing facility for vertical and cross bows, airguns, outdoor clothing and a range of other noise-producing hunting products and devices.

Because of the sheer breadth of products in the outdoor market sector, the Stress Outdoor lab is constructed like a giant erector set to provide maximum testing flexibility. Test systems can be assembled with the appropriate instrumentation to make the measurements specific to the needs of the client.

Turnkey Product Development

Stress Outdoor also provides ‘turnkey’ product development services where, working with you as an extension of your staff, we execute the complete product and supply chain development. The primary benefits of our physics-based approach include:

  • Elimination of trial and error rework
  • Ability to ‘engineer’ the best possible product performance within your constraints
  • Reduced development schedule
  • Reduced total development cost
  • Improved safety


Engineering Services for Outdoor Product Manufacturers



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