Technical Publications

Evaluation of the Elliptical Flange Configurations for 24-inch and 30-inch Heater/Cooler Units
Alexander, C.R., Armer, W., Harbert S.J.
Paper No. PVP2007-26080, Proceedings of the ASME PVP 2007/CREEP 8 Conference, July 22 - 26, 2007, San Antonio, Texas. Go To Paper
Assessing the Effects of Impact Forces on Subsea Flowlines and Pipelines
Alexander, C.R.
Paper No. OMAE2007-29450, 26th International Conference on Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering, June 10-15, 2007, San Diego, California. Go To Paper
Taking Another Look at the Risk Profile for Air Drilling in the Presence of Hydrocarbons
Malloy K.P., Roes V.C.
(OTC Paper No. 18461), Presented at the 2007 Offshore Technology Conference, April/May 2007, Houston, Texas. Go To Paper
Advancements in Design and Testing of Shrink-Wrapped Tray-Based Secondary Packaging
Knochenmuss, D.
International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) International Forum on Transport Packaging, Dimension.07, March 27-30, 2007, Orlando, Florida. Go To Paper
Managed Pressure Drilling: What Is It Anyway?
Malloy K.P.
World Oil Magazine, Vol. 228, No. 3, March 2007, pages 27 - 34. Go To Paper
Methodology for Assessing the Effects of Plain Dents, Wrinkle Bends, and Mechanical Damage on Pipeline Integrity
Alexander, C.R.
Paper No. 07139, NACE International 2007 Corrosion Conference & Exposition, March 11-15, 2007, Nashville, Tennessee. Go To Paper
Guidelines for Repairing Damaged Pipelines Using Composite Materials
Alexander, C.R.
Paper No. 07144, NACE International 2007 Corrosion Conference & Exposition, March 11-15, 2007, Nashville, Tennessee. Go To Paper
Improved Reliability of Drilling Operations Using Managed Pressure Drilling Technology: A Case Study in a Brown Field Environment
Malloy, K.P., Roes, V.C.
OTC 18461, Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, Texas, April/May 2007. Go To Paper
Air Drilling in the Presence of Hydrocarbons: A Time for Pause
Malloy K.P., Medley G.H., Stone C.R.
(IADC/SPE 108357), IADC/SPE Managed Pressure Drilling and Underbalanced Operations Conference, Galveston, Texas, March 2007. Go To Paper
Use of Limit Analysis Methods to Assess the Structural Capacity of Subsea Systems and Components
Alexander, C.R.
(Paper No. IOPF2006-010), Proceedings of the ASME International Offshore Pipeline Forum, October 24-25, 2006, Houston, Texas. Go To Paper

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