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Composite Repair

Composite Repair Systems Testing

Stress Engineering Services is the world leader in assessing the use of composite materials to reinforce pipelines, risers, and piping systems for the oil and gas industry. We have evaluated more composite repair systems than any organization in the world, which uniquely positions us to understand the competing technologies that comprise this important sector of the energy industry.

Composite materials have primarily been used for repairing corroded pipelines with the goal of restoring strength to damaged sections. However, composite materials have also been used to successfully repair dents, wrinkle bends, induction bends, vintage girth welds, and pipe fittings including elbows and tees. Although the majority of composite materials research has focused on repairing onshore pipelines, numerous studies have been conducted on assessing the repair and reinforcement of offshore risers and pipelines.

We recognize the role that engineering testing and analyses plays in validating the performance of composite repair systems. Since 1994, evaluating composite repair systems has been an integral part of our services, and we are committed to continue building upon this valuable knowledge base. Our primary focus is on applying our vast experience and resources to integrate innovative applications of new materials to repair and reinforce risers and pipelines in a safe manner.

At Stress Engineering Services, our engineers work with pipeline operators and composite-material manufacturers to actively identify issues and test the wide range of pipeline repair methods within the industry with the goal of providing the most reliable solutions to solve difficult problems.