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Coke Drum Reliability Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to provide updates on the most current coke drum technology and to continue to discuss and develop “Best Practices” in key areas to improve coke drum reliability, performance and safety.



February 11 – 12, 2020



Stress Engineering Services Conference Center
13610 Westland East Blvd.
Houston, TX 77041


 Workshop Highlights:
  • Coke Drum Life Management: Design to Replacement
  • Overview of Structural Failure Modes in Coke Drums
  • Cracked Blowdown Lines/Shells/Skirts: Run, Repair or Replace?
  • Bulging Severity Assessment
  • Weld Overlay Reinforcement and Repairs
  • Coke Drum Flow Distributions: Single, Dual or Center Feed
  • Coke Drum NDE Inspection
  • New Advancement in Coke Drum Health Monitoring Technology


Who Should Attend?

Engineers, managers and inspectors involved with the operation, maintenance and design of coke drums. This meeting will be especially beneficial for young engineers wanting to achieve a greater understanding of the problems and how to improve coke drum performance.



Free of Charge!   **Advance Registration Required.**
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Contact:  Shelley Hicks
Phone: 281.955.2900 ext 1470

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Richard S. Boswell

Keynote Speaker

Richard S. Boswell
Coke Drum Expert, Stress Engineering Services

Mr. Boswell is a pioneer and renowned expert in pressure vessel stress analysis, test engineering, and a software development conducting diverse projects in these areas. His areas of expertise includes low cycle fatigue of refinery vessels and structures. Pressure vessel projects include high temperature refinery vessels, delayed coke drums, and medical hyperbaric chambers. He is an experienced user of structural and thermal finite element programs for the petrochemical industry. He has managed projects and written reports for hundreds of clients during his consulting career.