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Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Management Conference


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February 18 – 21, 2019


George R. Brown Conv. Cntr. | Houston, TX

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PPIM 2019
Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline

Presentations and Papers

Evaluating the Performance of Composite Systems for Reinforcing Non-Leaking Crack-Like Defects in Transmission Pipelines

by Colton Sheets, PE

Date / Time: Friday, Feb 22 | 9:00 AM
Track : 11.2 Repair

The reinforcement of cracks and crack-like flaws in transmission pipelines continues to be an area of significant interest for pipeline operators. In recent years, composite systems have been proposed as a potential reinforcement technique; however, few extensive studies have been conducted to characterize their performance when reinforcing cracks and crack-like flaws. Therefore, a study was undertaken to assess the performance of composite systems when reinforcing crack-like anomalies using modern, high-frequency electric resistance welded (HF-ERW) and vintage, low-frequency ERW pipe (LF-ERW).

Full-scale Testing of SCC in High Frequency-ERW Pipe with Comparisons of Inspection Techniques to Actual Flaw Measurements

by Colton Sheets, PE

Date / Time: Friday, Feb 22 | 11:00 AM
Track : 15.1 SCC

The program described in this paper utilized full-scale testing and metallurgical analysis to compare predicted failure pressures of stress corrosion cracking (SCC) colonies using both in-line inspection (ILI) and in-the-ditch inspection techniques to the actual performance results of full-scale cyclic pressure and burst testing. Testing was completed using 10.75-inch x 0.188-inch, Gr. X52 high-frequency electric resistance welded (HF-ERW) pipe that had been removed from service. Imaging software was used to generate profiles of the SCC flaws from laboratory break-open samples. This provided a more accurate representation of the length and depth of individual cracks within the SCC.