Burns and Malloy Manuscript Receives JFAP 2017 Editor’s Choice Selection

Journal of Failure Analysis and PreventionHOUSTON (April 23, 2018) – Stress Engineering Services Inc. is pleased to announce that the manuscript “Grade P110 Tubing Shredded by Downhole Detonation,” by Michael G. Burns, PE and Kenneth P. Malloy, PE has been selected as an Editor’s Choice article for 2017 from the Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention (JFAP).

The JFAP provides information gathering techniques, technical analysis, and emerging tools that assist failure analysis professionals in determining the cause of failures and eliminating failures in the future. Additionally, the publication contains current news and technical articles, as well as archival peer-reviewed papers and reviews.  The JFAP is a journal of ASM International, The Materials Information Society and is published by Springer International Publishing AG.

“This selection is reflective of the comprehensive nature of your paper and its overall excellence. Only five papers are selected each calendar year as an Editor’s Choice article from among all of the articles published in the JFAP for that year,” states Michael E. Stevenson, Editor of JFAP.

The manuscript by Burns and Malloy describes a failure analysis that was performed on a span of API 5CT Grade P110 tubing that failed while being used in a drilling operation.  Approximately 10 feet of the tubing was shredded by axial slits, and there were collapsed zones above and below the failure. A metallographic examination showed that the slits had formed along adiabatic shear bands and the presence of these bands indicated an extremely high strain rate existed. That, combined with the orientation of the slits, indicated to the team that the failure was caused by a detonation of gasses in the annulus surrounding the tubing.

To read the complete manuscript, go to: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11668-016-0222-y


About the Authors:

Michael G. Burns, PE – Mr. Burns is a Principal and Metallurgical Laboratory Manager at Stress Engineering Services Inc. During his technical career, Mr. Burns has investigated failures caused by various forms of corrosion, environmentally assisted cracking, welding and other manufacturing defects, mechanical damage, improper material selection, uncontrolled or unforeseen operating conditions, and other causes. He has also provided guidance to clients on material selection and remedial measures to prevent similar, future failures and has provided litigation support when required as part of those investigations.

Mr. Burns holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in metallurgical engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and is a registered professional engineer in the states of Texas and Ohio.

Kenneth P. Malloy, PE – Mr. Malloy is a Staff Consultant / Sr. Associate at Stress Engineering Services Inc. His specialty is to investigate and resolve persistent problems in the petroleum industry, specifically in the planning and safe, efficient execution of drilling, completion, and workover operations. Has designed and constructed vertical, directional, and horizontal wells for oil and gas production and environmental remediation; as well as horizontal bores for pipeline installations and utility crossings. Has designed and fabricated components to improve efficiency of downhole tools.

Mr. Malloy holds Bachelor of Science degree in biophysical sciences from the University of Houston and is a registered professional engineer in the state of Texas.


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