A Framework for Blind Modal Identification Using Joint Approximate Diagonalization


In this paper, a second order statistical method employed in Blind Source Separation (BSS) is adapted for use in modal parameter identification.  Modal responses and mode shapes are estimated by the use of Second Order Blind Identification (SOBI) on an expanded and pre-treated data set.  Frequency and damping can be obtained from the modal responses by simple single degree of freedom methods.  Using this approach, a class of new non-parametric output-only modal identification algorithms is proposed and examples of its use are provided.  It is demonstrated that the proposed methodology provides a novel and robust approach to modal identification.  For the example shown, it is deduced that quality of the modal parameters produced by the method is competitive with the state of the art parametric methods.


McNeill, S. and Zimmerman, D., “A Framework for Blind Modal Identification Using Joint Approximate Diagonalization,” Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 22(7), 1526-1548, October 2008.


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