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Development and Evaluation of a Steel-Composite Hybrid Composite Repair System


Composite materials are widely recognized as a resource for repairing damaged pipelines. The fibers in conventional composite repair systems typically incorporate E-glass and carbon materials. To provide greater levels of reinforcement a system was developed that incorporates steel half shells and an E-glass composite repair system. In comparison with other competing composite technologies, the hybrid system has a significant capacity to reduce strain in corroded pipeline to a level that has not been seen previously. Specifically, the hybrid system was used to reinforce a pipe sample having 75% corrosion subjected to cyclic pressure at 36% SMYS. This sample cycled 767,816 times before a leak failure developed. Furthermore, recent testing has demonstrated that the hybrid system actually places the pipeline in compression during installation. This paper will provide results on a series of specifically-designed tests to evaluate the performance of the hybrid system and the implications in relation to the service of actual pipelines.


Alexander, C., and Brooks, C., “Development and Evaluation of a Steel-Composite Hybrid Composite Repair System,” Proceedings of IPC2012 9th International Pipeline Conference, September 24 – 28, 2012, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.