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Offshore Wind

As a leading provider of engineering solutions in offshore energy, we deliver a wide range of engineering expertise to the offshore wind farm industry.  Our decades of expertise in fixed and floating offshore structures provides essential support to the offshore wind industry’s toughest challenges through design, analysis, testing, monitoring, and integrity management.

Engineering Design and Analysis

Complex design and analysis of offshore structures is one of our core competencies.  Our engineers have a deep understanding of structural design and the dynamics associated with the marine environment.  Our expertise can provide vital support in the design of fixed or floating offshore wind farms through concept evaluation, global structural analysis (coupled aero-servo-hydro-elastic analysis with OpenFAST and Orcaflex), component design and analysis, fatigue analysis, material selection and corrosion engineering.

In addition to these capabilities, our engineers have an extensive background in floating systems, mooring, and anchoring design.  Thus, for floating offshore wind farms, we provide support in coupled global analysis, mooring and power cable systems, and anchor design.


For decades, we have been providing superior testing services for large offshore structures and components.  Our vast testing facilities are also well suited to support the testing needs of the offshore wind industry.  Additional information about our advanced testing facilities and capabilities can be found here.

Condition Monitoring

As a leader in remote monitoring solutions, we have designed, manufactured, and implemented numerous offshore condition monitoring systems.  Our solutions are designed to provide accurate, reliable data about the condition of your assets and customized to monitor numerous parameters including loads, strains, vibration, corrosion, inclination, and water level.  We design condition monitoring solutions for all types of offshore wind turbines and components including monopile and jacket found foundations (for both turbines and offshore substations), transition piece, tower, mooring lines and power cables. Additionally, our condition monitoring solutions are designed for both long-term monitoring to support integrity management and short-term field monitoring that can be deployed on an operating wind farm.

Integrity Management

Maintaining your assets and tracking the health of critical systems is essential to keep operational and maintenance costs down.  Our integrity management solutions for offshore wind farms are designed to reduce operational and maintenance costs by managing risk and reducing downtime.  This is achieved by monitoring asset performance through condition monitoring and/or digital twin concept and providing the developer actionable insights from the data.

Our flagship brand of integrity management solutions, known as Neosight®, was developed by our Digital Solutions Group, who provides physics-based engineering solutions to help reduce operational and maintenance costs via digital technologies.

Offshore Wind Integrity Management

The Neosight® Wind integrity management platform utilizes physics-based digital twins, measured data and machine learning /AI techniques to help the developer manage risks, reduce unplanned downtime and maximize energy production.  Furthermore, the physics-based digital twin allows the developer to track any location on the asset using virtual sensors.  This low cost, minimum sensor solution can economically be deployed on many offshore wind turbines (fixed or floating) and serve as a whole wind farm solution.  Additionally, our integrity management services provide the data needed to support life extension and repowering foundations.


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