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Cincinnati Ohio Testing Facility Tour

Specialized testing is our business. If it’s measurable, Stress Engineering Services has the unique expertise and experience to capture critical data…in the lab or the field. We serve a broad range of industries…from consumer and medical products, electronics, and packaging…to manufacturing equipment and power generation…from plastics, metals, composite materials, to glass and elastomers.

For physics-based, purpose-build test hardware with unique performance requirements, there are few engineering firms in the world that can compete with Stress Engineering Services.

Our labs are equipped with the most advanced instrumentation, monitoring and data-acquisition systems available. Many of these systems have been developed by Stress Engineering Services, such as MicroDAQ, MiniDAQ, and PalletDAQ are proprietary, and capable of collecting data that was previously unavailable.

Our engineers routinely measure and evaluate the performance of new products, components and subassemblies and our flexible facilities include the load frames, environmental chambers and strain gages that you would expect to find. We also design and build custom test machines for application specific and product specific requirements.

The Stress Engineering expertise that clients find most valuable is our ability to design the right tests and measure the most critical data, along with developing custom test fixtures and test stands. Our extensive experience includes manufacturing process monitoring, remote data collection and transmission, and product quality control testing.