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Stress Engineering Services, Inc. is committed to accomplishing all aspects of work in a manner that protects the health and safety of all employees and the public, while protecting the environment. As a professional engineering services provider, we are committed to:

Our Safety Principles

The HSE policies at Stress Engineering Services are based on the belief that injuries can be prevented. It is the responsibility of every employee to work safely to strive to prevent injury to himself/herself and others. Employees are to remember the following basic principles of safety:

  • Most injuries are caused by unsafe actions.
  • Unsafe actions can develop into unsafe work habits.
  • Injuries can be avoided, and employees can fulfill their responsibility to work safely by developing safe work habits.
  • Many injuries occur while performing routine tasks. Even high-hazard tasks can become routine if performed frequently.
  • An unsafe condition is often due to someone else’s unsafe act.
  • Employees should develop good work habits and plan each task to avoid accidents and injury.
  • To prevent injury to themselves and others, employees are to recognize hazards in the workplace and proactively act to eliminate/minimize them.
  • Tools and equipment are to be checked to confirm that they are in proper working order and unsafe equipment must be reported immediately.
  • Employees should not attempt to repair equipment or machinery unless they have been trained and authorized to do so.
  • Employees must advise the site supervisor if they do not have access to adequate safety protection for their job or task.

Employees have the RIGHT to STOP any task where concerns or questions exist regarding safety without fear of retaliation or intimidation.

The Environment

We are committed to protecting the local and global environment of the Earth. To minimize environmental impacts related to our services we:

  • Uses its technical expertise to provide Clients with access to services that contribute to the protection of the Earth’s environment.
  • Complies with applicable environmental laws and regulations which are established for the protection of the environment and with related agreements between Stress Engineering Services and our Clients.
  • Includes the consideration of environmental issues in all business strategies and initiatives.
  • Considers efforts to minimize the burden of the environment from office operations by reducing waste, promoting reuse and recycling, and limiting energy consumption.
  • Considers the wider global impact of all activities including those of our suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders.
  • When possible, encourages environmental protection among suppliers/vendors and subcontractors.

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