As a global engineering firm with services across all industries, we have a responsibility to ensure we are focused on ESG and producing sustainable solutions for our clients. We are committed to striving for the highest ethical standards, improving efficiency, reducing waste, and providing technical excellence to enhance lives, protect our planet, and build a future that benefits generations to come. As an employee-owned company, our commitment transcends sustainability. We are committed to the success of our employees, supporting career growth, and cultivating a positive inclusive and diverse work environment, while fostering the entrepreneurial spirit of our firm.

Our impact on sustainability spans across all the industries we work in. A few examples include:


  • Dupont Packaging Award for plastic bottle design; design improvements resulted in 13 percent weight reduction, 25 percent strength increase, 17 million pounds of PET saved, and 93 million pounds of paper saved.

Oil & Gas:

  • Optimized dynamically positioned vessels reducing fuel consumption with safe operational windows.
  • Designing subsea tieback systems of new fields to existing facilities and negating the need for a new production facility thus decreasing our client’s carbon footprint substantially
  • Ensuring critical well system components are designed, operated and monitored such that any environmental risks are mitigated with real-time watch circles and wellhead tethering systems.


  • Smart packaging and optimized transportation networks allowed clients to remove in excess of 26k trucks, save 3.5 million gallons of diesel fuel, and reduce in excess of 34k metric tons of CO2.


  • Instrumented distribution testing to minimize the amount of drug product utilized during distribution testing.
  • Designed surgical instruments for reusability. Designing them to be cleaned, reprocessed, and sterilized to minimize the instruments being disposed and creating value for patients.
  • Developed solutions to qualify recycled materials in the medical device/pharmaceutical packaging space, allowing clients to certify to regulatory bodies that the safety and efficacy variation in material remain unaffected.
  • Developed a single-use packaging solution for drug product interface for cost-reduction and sustainability.

Industrial Safety:

  • We have developed an entirely new “smart ladder” configuration to alert users and supervisors of when construction site ladders are being used unsafely. Ladder falls are the largest cause of worker suffering and worksite losses.


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