Tackling complex engineering issues and presenting them in a clear and conclusive manner is what we do best. Our forensic engineering services span from evidence collection to accident reconstruction, material failure analysis, engineering design evaluation, and fire origin and cause investigations. In addition to forensic support services, our engineering team provides reverse engineering and design evaluation for patent infringement issues.

Comprehensive Testing Services

The basis of our forensic services rests on our full-scale laboratory and field-testing capabilities. We enable a wide cross-section of industries, along with the legal community, to reliably replicate environments to re-create situations of interest. Tests for motions, temperature, force, vibration, pressure, torque, aging, etc. can be performed under fully controllable conditions and we have the capacity to handle multiple groups’ inspections simultaneously.

Independence is Power

Stress Engineering Services is not owned by or affiliated with any other corporations, insurance companies or legal entities. This independence ensures we are free to truly listen to our customers’ needs, effectively assess their individual problems, and harness the right skills and resources to rapidly deliver the most objective and reliable results.

Technical Expertise

Our staff has decades of experience analyzing and testing industrial designs, equipment and processes for commercial clients – thus giving us a unique perspective when investigating industrial accidents, insurance claims and providing written and oral testimony in both litigation and arbitration settings.

Rapid Response

We provide rapid response services around the globe and guide clients with accident scene preservation and evidence collection support.

We provide industrial, insurance and legal clients with answers which are

science and engineering-based and defensible.

Electrical Engineering / Power Systems

Electrical failures occur for a variety of reasons including misuse, poor maintenance, environmental issues, inadequate design or code violations. Our electrical engineers utilize their experience in power engineering, software and control systems to assess issues related power sources, electrical systems and electronics. We also evaluate process safety concerns and implications for personal injury.


Fires and Explosions

We provide fire origin and cause support for thermal and chemical events including explosions. Our experts have extensive knowledge of fire science, shock dynamics and equipment operating conditions, as well as the resources to recreate and evaluate small fires in our testing laboratories. From site documentation to evidence identification, collection and preservation, our team is highly skilled in identifying origin and cause, as well as providing fire damage assessments.

fires & explosions

Materials Science

Each material fracture surface is unique and tells a story as to why it failed.  Our metallurgical engineers, materials scientists and polymer chemists work to investigate the source of the failure – whether it be design, manufacturing or performance-related.  Our staff have expertise in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, non-metallic materials, corrosion science and welding engineering giving us a deep understanding of how a material will behave in its own unique environment.

material science


We provide a wide range of services to address failures of mechanical systems.  Our engineers utilize sophisticated stress evaluation tools such as finite element analysis (FEA), computation fluid dynamics (CFD), vibration, fatigue and fracture mechanics and combine them with testing to determine how a product failed or was damaged through design, manufacturing, misuse or operation.

mechanical machine tool

Structural and Civil

Stress Engineering Services has been designing, analyzing, and testing structures and foundations for nearly 50 years. Our forensic experience in infrastructures includes fixed and floating structures, mobile cranes, derricks, jack-up rigs, onshore and offshore pipelines, plant equipment, marine risers, piping systems, buildings, wharf structures, conventional and post-tensioned concrete slabs, and undersea templates.

structures & foundations

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