At Stress Engineering Services, we are constantly developing new and innovative technologies to increase operation optimization and provide value creation through a broad and deep digitalization of our clients’ assets and systems, thus helping them reduce costs and develop a competitive advantage.

We combine our advanced portfolio of asset monitoring systems together with physics based predictive analytics, machine learning /artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things (IoT)/Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) ecosystems to provide real-time, physical insight to client operations thus enabling intelligent decision-making.

Digital Transformation Pioneers

We are renowned innovators and developers of cutting-edge technology. Before digital computing power and communications technologies existed, we provided turnkey sensor development, instrumentation, data collection and data analytics services to a broad range of industrial clients. Even in today’s digital transformation developments, they remain a crucial part of our service offerings.

The difference being that our focus has shifted to measuring attributes that traditionally could not be measured. This is achieved by analyzing and interpreting the data sets to determine their relationship to other information and process variables and developing statistical models to characterize the outcomes.

In today’s digital world, data is streamed from the sensors, either through edge or cloud computers, in real- or near real-time with the analytics and insights available on a continuous basis. This translates to the client’s bottom line by providing quicker responsiveness to situations that can impact business.

Immense Portfolio of Experience

We have an immense technology portfolio of experience that includes applications in the Aerospace, Consumer, Energy, Medical, Pharmaceutical Device, Machinery, Transportation and Logistics industries. Having served many thousands of clients for nearly 50 years, we have the deep domain expertise to support you through your exploration of technology opportunities and applications.


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