The transportation industry is constantly challenged with managing aging infrastructure and meeting demands for increased capacity, while adhering to tight budgets. However, the lack of real time, real world relationship synchronization in the transportation environment makes diagnosing problems with vehicles or the shipping of goods and equipment, difficult. From logistics, freight and passenger rail sectors to aerospace, maritime and off-road/industrial vehicles, each diverse corner of the transportation industry calls for innovative engineering solutions to improve operations both now and into the future.

Advanced Sensor Technology

Recent advances in sensor and software technology, combined with our unique instrumentation experience, is the solution to collecting critical data needed to improve operations in transportation systems. We develop custom systems, as well as integrating the latest sensor technology into mixed measurement environments. Our expertise includes:

  • Sensor Development Strategies
  • Sensor Installation Strategies
  • Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics
  • Data Analysis
  • Simulation and Testing
  • Life Extension Project Management

Optimized Transportation Strategy

Our ALOE Group specializes in the development of customized transportation strategies that can efficiently transform operations and cut costs. We combine a logistics professional view with predictive analytics and engineering technology to create new ways of optimizing packaging, transportation, and analytics.

Using advanced technology and science methods, our skilled experts deliver tailor-made engineering solutions to the challenges facing the transportation sector. Our integrated, comprehensive services are available from start to finish to ensure that all project phases are successfully executed to a high standard that serves the needs of today and tomorrow.


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