Materials Engineering

Engineering a Solution

Materials and Metallurgical Engineering is a Stress Engineering Services specialty that is critical in widely diverse fields such as packaging, pipelinesoil and gas production, chemical plants, industrial equipment, consumer products, and biomedical devices. In fact, the performance of materials is the basis of virtually all engineered products and processes. To engineer a solution or solve a problem, it is critical to thoroughly understand how the materials will perform in their specific environment.

Beyond the Failure Mode

Materials issues span the life of a component from original design, through its useful life, and potentially to its failure. The diverse experience of our materials engineering staff allows us to not only define the failure mode, but to also identify the root cause of the problem. Was the material properly selected for the application? Were the operating conditions appropriate for this material? Was the product properly used? Utilizing our multi-disciplinary skills, industry experience, and advanced techniques in metallurgy, laboratory testing, and scanning electronic microscopy, we can predict how materials will or will not perform in their specific application.

From Common to Exceptional

Our expertise encompasses engineering of materials and their use in a vast range of applications, from the common to the exceptional. We are continually developing innovative or nonstandard tests to provide essential information for sophisticated analyses of complex products. Our engineering bench strength, combination of skills, laboratory and testing facilities, and our process know-how all support our ability to deliver the right answers to your materials problems, on time.

Materials Lab Virtual Tour

Take a virtual video tour of our state-of-the-art Metallurgical, Corrosion, and Polymer laboratories located in Houston, Texas and Mason, Ohio.


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