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Package Development

Package development is a continuum with many waypoints. At Stress Engineering Services, we have the skills, experience and imagination required to engineer the most cost-effective balance between consumer satisfaction, safety, and sustainability. Together with our Force-4® Innovation & Collaboration Group, have the capabilities to do it all, or we can assist with any phase of your project as needed. In the end, the intellectual property is yours alone.

  • Caps and Closures
  • Manufacturing System Evaluation
  • Package Concept and Design
  • Plastics Conversion
  • Rigid Plastic Packaging
  • Structural Analysis and Testing
  • Transportation and Distribution
  • Troubleshooting and Failure Analysis

Packaging Lines

In addition to developing and optimizing package designs for performance and value, we have a wide range of skills related to development, reliability evaluation, and troubleshooting of packaging line equipment.

Packaging Line Troubleshooting and Failure Analysis

Our company’s business is rooted in troubleshooting and failure analysis. This physics-based foundation is built on an understanding of equipment/product interaction, and it is also what separates us from our competitors. With our clients, we have lived with these problems, and solved them.

Reliability Engineering Service

Whether you are starting up a new line or modifying an existing line, we can help you achieve the quality and reliability results you are looking for. We have the knowledge and skills to help you maximize throughput by increasing line speed or increasing mean time between failures. Early involvement will help us achieve excellent results together.

Manufacturing System and Package Option Analysis

The total cost of a product and its associated manufacturing are 80-90% set in the earliest stages of the product design process making effective early assessment critical to controlling costs. Our staff has the expertise to evaluate a multiplicity of dynamic, interactive factors, both technical and economic, and arrive at effective identification of the most cost-effective designs and supply chains.

Machine and Unit-Op Mechanical Design

New initiatives and product enhancements often require incorporation of new equipment into an existing high-speed packaging line. We have extensive experience in design and/or modification of equipment for a wide range of applications.

Custom Test Machine Development

If you require development of physics-based, purpose-build test hardware, we can help. Our engineers are experts at custom test machine development including machine design, electronics, electromechanical devices, data collection and instrumentation. In addition to these skills, we have the depth of physics and engineering to design the right tests.

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