Stress Engineering Services provides decades of experience in electronic and electromechanical device development for consumer, industrial and medical applications.  Our engineers have the know-how to quickly identify the needs of a product and to carry the most appropriate concept/approach into development and production.

Our skills include design of custom circuits, circuit board layout, prototyping, programming, reliability evaluation and failure analysis.  We also have extensive design and testing capabilities in our co-located laboratories.  We are often called on to conduct risk and reliability assessments of both products and manufacturing equipment.

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Our experience is very broad, covering mostly embedded control applications. These applications cover simple handheld devices, wireless sensors, miniature data logging systems, motor control and intuitive user interface designs (graphical and non-graphical). We have years of experience squeezing out the last bit of battery life and reducing device size, enabling clients to design applications utilizing various sources of harvested energy (vibration, RF energy collection, magnetic, thermo electric or solar).

The Stress Engineering IoT Applications Lab® is focused on instrumentation planning, sensor development, embedded analytics, and data management for product manufacturers and industrial clients and manufacturers. The range of applications to date is very broad and includes archery products, healthcare-related initiatives, pharmaceuticals products, and safety-related applications aimed at reducing workplace injuries.

We have the unique benefit of a close-coupled, multi-disciplinary team – all under one roof.  This enables our electrical/electronic engineers to work side-by-side with industrial designers, mechanical engineers, materials, and manufacturing experts. This causes a given product approach to be constantly reviewed by multiple perspectives, quickly bringing any potential issues to the surface.

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