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The Stress Engineering IoT Applications Lab® is an advanced facility dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and the emerging Digital Revolution involving product, equipment, and manufacturing system applications. Our labs provide full service IoT product development services, including project planning, sensor development, demonstrative prototyping, analytics development, software, and data management for device and appliance manufacturers as well as the supply chain. As part of this full service offering, we aligned ourselves with a highly secure “back-end” services provider, allowing us to offer complete connected product, device, and equipment development solutions.

The range of services the Stress Engineering IoT Applications Lab offers is very broad and includes archery products, healthcare products and facility-related initiatives, pharmaceutical drug delivery products, industrial safety related applications, oil and gas applications, and supply chain tracking.


From our position as a leading provider of engineering services, and an innovative product developer for the energy industry, we developed and launched NeoSight® – an advanced innovative asset integrity management platform. A physics-based digital twin model sits at the heart of each tool developed on the NeoSight platform, which accurately simulates the asset response to environmental factors and operational choices.


Our team has extensive experience transforming machine elements into sensors, streaming data from those sensors and processing the data through custom analytics engines. From this point, we can identify previously unknown relationships that help predict downtime and quality-driving events. This data is then displayed on dashboards or in other useful ways that help clients operate their manufacturing operations and overall business more efficiently.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Supply chain monitoring of medical and pharmaceutical products is one of the many exciting applications for the SES IoT Applications Laboratory®. Many medical products and pharmaceuticals demand strict security and specific transportation environments to avoid damage. They must also meet design requirements identified for labeling conditions. We are actively developing IoT sensors, software solutions and products to improve reliability, traceability and speed-to-market for these industries.

Military & Defense

Stress Engineering Services is experienced in supporting the development of large-scale systems to measure, record and manage operational data from thousands of assets operating in-theater. This methodology brings an understanding on how vehicles are used by soldiers in the field, and leads to the development of analytics, maintenance programs and ultimately machine learning algorithms to help make the force more effective.


Railroads and regional transportation authority’s work hard to understand, monitor and predict the health of their rolling stock with the goal of safely extending its lifespan. To support them, we developed a unique expertise in high channel count, high speed data acquisition projects. Data is collected at a high sampling rate and processed in near real-time during runs on coast-to coast revenue routes as well as stop-and-go regional commuter environments.

Our success in this digital realm is a result of accumulating years of diverse expertise. Today, we consult and solve problems based on knowledge and experience, so you can succeed faster. For custom sensor development, sensor component integration, data analytics and back-end data services, we serve as your one-stop resource, offering deep understanding of the fundamental physics of applications to develop robust solutions to your problems.

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