Stress Engineering Services is a leader in both standardized and custom full-scale testing in force, load, fatigue, temperature, pressure, torque, noise, and vibration. With more than 130,000 square feet of laboratory space and a large inventory of advanced testing equipment, we can simulate a wide range of operational conditions for a variety of industries, applications and materials.

Consumer Products to Oilfield Equipment

Our test labs are equipped with load frames capable of forces up to 18 million pounds, pressure chambers up to 30,000 psi, and a variety of fatigue and bending frames. These are just a few of our vast capabilities in testing heavy industry and oilfield equipment including tubing and casing threaded connections, riser connectors, drilling equipment, umbilicals, mooring ropes, anchors chains, riser joints, downhole tools, and more.

We also pioneered the development and application of testing methods to assess the propensity for plastics to crack under a wide range of environmental conditions. Our experience with testing plastic products has led to many successes in industries including medical products and devices, consumer products, packaging, pharmaceutical devices, and automotive.

Harsh Environment Solutions

As oil and gas exploration and production advances into deeper and more extreme environments, there is a growing concern that equipment or components may not perform as expected under the harsh conditions. We have addressed these issues with our harsh-environment testing services that include high pressure and high temperature, full-scale sour service, and a wide range of materials testing.

Beyond the Laboratory

Our extensive testing capabilities are not limited to the laboratory. We offer a full range of field testing and measurement services for operating structures and equipment around the world. With 50 years of advanced testing experience, you can depend on us to deliver the right answers, on time.

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