Full-Scale Testing

Full-Scale Testing and Analysis

At Stress Engineering Services, we have the expertise, equipment, and capacity to meet your full-scale mechanical testing needs. Our more than 130,000 square feet of test lab space houses an extensive array of testing equipment, giving us the ability to simulate operational conditions for a variety of industries, applications and materials.

We specialize in standardized and custom testing in force, load, tension, pressure, fatigue, temperature, HPHT, noise, vibration, torque, strain, creep, and displacement. In addition, we’re a recognized leader in the use of strain gages and equipped with some of the most advanced instrumentation monitoring and data acquisition systems available today.

Our load and force capabilities include a full range of tension/compression testing that can apply forces ranging from 10 million pounds to a fraction of an ounce.

We have an assortment of pressure vessels and chambers in a range of sizes and pressure ratings for testing critical product development issues, extreme deepwater conditions, and more.

Fatigue is a major component of our testing services. We offer full-scale fatigue testing on a variety of components, covering a wide range of applications.

We have the capability to support a wide range of unique temperature scenarios including controlled thermal cycling, fire exposure, and freezing environmental conditions.

High Pressure/High Temperature (HPHT)
We are equipped to provide equipment manufacturers, drilling contractors and operators a spectrum of essential HPHT testing, design, and analysis services.

Noise and Vibration
Our testing capabilities include sound-pressure levels, experimental modal analysis, and force vibration response.


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