Collapse Testing

Stress Engineering Services is a leader in providing engineered Collapse Testing Services to industries around the globe. Our full-scale testing laboratory is equipped with a variety of pressure vessels and chambers to accommodate a broad range of sample sizes and specifications. In addition, our testing engineers and technicians use the most current API standards on collapse testing, and have designed and installed several collapse test systems that are fully compliant with the standards. We work closely with our clients to insure that each test is executed with the highest in satisfaction and safety.

  • Collapse Pressure: up to 25,000 psi (172 MPa)
  • Casing and Tubing O.D. Sizes:
    •  Vessel 1: 9.625 to 20.0 in (24.44 to 50.8 cm)
    •  Vessel 2: 2.375 to 8.625 in (6.03 to 21.9 cm)
  • Sample Lengths: 8D
  • Pre-test measurements and collapse testing performed in accordance with API 5C3 Test Specifications
  • Testing of larger diameter tubulars is accommodated by our extensive inventory of pressure vessels and pressure ranges

Collapse Testing Systems

We have utilized our expertise in collapse testing along with our advanced mechanical design and systems integration capabilities to develop a Tubular Collapse Testing System that complies with the latest version of API 5C3 requirements.


Collapse Testing Systems


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