Technical Publications

Full-Scale High-Load, Thermal, and Fatigue Testing of Additive Manufactured Powder Bed Fusion Component for Oil Field Applications

Sanders M. , Rowe A. , and Divi, S

ABSTRACT: As the usage of additive manufacturing (AM) expands into more critical applications, the need to establish confidence in the expected...
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Real Time Data Verification of Load and Pressure Testing using von Mises Yield Criterion for Thick Walled Tubular Products

Curington, D.

ABSTRACT: The oil and gas industry requires standardized testing of tubular products. Testing to the edges of a specified test envelope or yield...
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Long Tiebacks for Life Extension of Existing Offshore Facilities – A Novel Solution for Flowline Wet Insulation

Rebello, A., Alexander, L.W.

ABSTRACT: Blockage of flowlines due to hydrate or paraffin plugging is an on-going issue for the offshore industry. The problem seems to be...
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Measured Data Provides Insight for Floating Systems Life Extension

McNeill, S., Maniar, D., Renzi, D., Del Vecchio, C.

ABSTRACT: The primary goal of floating systems life extension efforts is to project how the system or components will behave in the future beyond...
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Challenges of Drilling Operations in Extreme Deepwater

Capeto, J., Stahl, M., Bhalla, K., Kluk, D.

ABSTRACT: This paper highlights the challenges to drilling risers and running equipment for offshore drilling operations from dynamically...
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Developing a Digital Twin for Floating Production Systems Integrity Management

Renzi, D., Maniar, D., McNeill, S., Del Vecchio, C.

ABSTRACT: Floating production systems asset integrity management programs are dependent on a combination of inspection, analysis and measured...
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Design and Validation of the 16-Inch Schedule 80 Interference Connection through Numerical and Experimental Methods

Capeto, J., Bedoya, J. J., Largura, L.C., Chapman, B.

ABSTRACT: A precision engineered controlled interference fit mechanical connector for joining steel pipe is evaluated in this paper. The primary...
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Numerical and Experimental Assessment of Girth Welds Interacting with Wrinkle Anomalies

Capeto, J., Bedoya, J. J., Alexander, C. R.

ABSTRACT: Two wrinkle-like features were discovered in two girth welds of an onshore, horizontal directionally drilled (HDD) 42-inch OD x...
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Inflow Control Device Injection and Production Dynamic Integrity Testing โ€“ Best Practices

Mayer, C.S., Shuchart, C.E.., Dornic, S.D., Tayloe, G.L., Jackson, M.S.

ABSTRACT: In recent years, the application envelope for inflow control devices (ICDs) has significantly shifted toward harsher environments, for...
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Assessment, Mitigation, Management and Extension of Coke Drum Life Through Equipment Health Monitoring Systems and On Line Inspection

Bedoya, J.J., Stoller, A.P., Seijas, A.J., Perez, O.A., Marcano, L.M.

ABSTRACT: The reliability of coke drums has become a central theme to many refineries worldwide as high value products are recovered from refinery...
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A Statistical Approach to Evaluating Single-Side Inlet vs Dual Inlet Temperature Distributions in Coke Drums

Penso, J., Bedoya, J., Stoller, A., Boswell, R.S.

ABSTRACT: Slide valves used to unhead coke drums have had a significant impact on the safety and efficiency of the unheading process in these...
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Assessment of the Critical Tilting Angle of a Coke Drum Vessel Subject to Seismic Loading

Penso, J., Bedoya, J., Bouse, S., Ramamoorthy, S.

ABSTRACT: Assessment of a coke drum for seismic stability is generally a well-documented load case, with ample examples and historical design...
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