Technical Publications

Dynamic Risers for Floating Production System API Standard 2RD, 2nd Edition

Garret, D.L.

ABSTRACT: Since the first edition of API RP 2RD, Recommended Practice for Design of Risers for Floating Production Systems (FPSs) and Tensioned-Leg...
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Assessing Uncertainties in Wellhead System Fatigue Life Prediction

Bhalla, K., Hamilton, M., San Pedro, R.

ABSTRACT: This paper examines sources of uncertainty in present analysis methodologies used for the prediction of wellhead system fatigue...
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Exploring the Benefits of Wellhead Fatigue Monitoring

Agarwal, P., Kluk, D.J., McNeill, S.

ABSTRACT: This paper examines the benefits achieved through fatigue monitoring of wellheads.  As an introduction, conservatisms in analytical...
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Iceberg Ice Constitutive Modeling and FEA Validation

Sarzynski, M., Cordes, R.

ABSTRACT: A constitutive model for iceberg ice is implemented into an explicit finite element analysis. The focus of this effort was to establish a...
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Improved Modeling of Iceberg Ice Constitutive Properties Using a Multi-scale Approach

Sarzynski, M., Cordes, R.

ABSTRACT: Iceberg ice is complex to model as properties tend to vary with a wide range of parameters (temperature, strain rate, bubbles, etc.)...
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Key Considerations in the Assessment of Pipeline Spans

Dotson, R., Matta, L.

ABSTRACT: Operators are often faced with the challenge of operating pipelines having unintended free spans. These free spans may be discovered during...
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Topsides Analysis for Damage Assessment and Repair

Ross, G.

ABSTRACT: During Hurricane Ike, the drilling rig on the Mad Dog Spar was lost. When the rig was lost, the rig exited the platform to the west,...
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Testing Results: Erosion Testing Confirms the Reliability of the Fluidic Diode Type Autonomous Inflow Control Device

Tayloe, G.L., Greci, S., Least, B.

ABSTRACT: Inflow Control Devices (ICDs) have become a common technology in horizontal completions for balancing oil influx and delaying water and...
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Intentional Destructive Testing: A Means for Establishing Mechanical Integrity

Alexander, C.R., Vyvial, B.

ABSTRACT: Pipeline operators have at their disposal multiple resources for evaluating the integrity of identified features and anomalies. With...
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Advanced Techniques for Establishing Long-term Performance of Composite Repair Systems

Alexander, C.R.

ABSTRACT: Although composite materials are used to repair and reinforce a variety of anomalies in high pressure transmission gas and liquid...
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Pipeline Repair of Corrosion and Dents: A Comparison of Composite Repairs and Steel Sleeves

Alexander, C.R., Vyvial, B

ABSTRACT: When pipeline repairs are made on high pressure onshore transmission pipelines, in modern times repairs typically involve steel sleeves...
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Detecting and Describing a Notch in a Pipe Using Singularities

Stoyko, D.K., Popplewell, N., Shah, A.H.

ABSTRACT:   A hybrid Semi-Analytical Finite Element (SAFE) and standard finite element procedure is adopted to simulate ultrasonically generated...
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