Technical Publications

Managed Pressure Drilling: What Is It Anyway?

Malloy K.P.

ABSTRACT Of the many papers written on the subject of Managed Pressure Drilling, a few talk about what Managed Pressure Drilling is. Many are...
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Improved Reliability of Drilling Operations Using Managed Pressure Drilling Technology: A Case Study in a Brown Field Environment

Malloy, K.P., Roes, V.C.

ABSTRACT The original Mars A-14 well was drilled and completed in 1996. The well was worked over in 2000 because of a sand control failure. In...
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Air Drilling in the Presence of Hydrocarbons: A Time for Pause

Malloy K.P., Medley G.H., Stone C.R.

ABSTRACT Drilling with compressed air continues to enjoy vast popularity. However air drilling is not without its impediments; not the least of...
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Assessing the Effects of External Damage on Subsea Pipelines

Alexander, C.R., Alexander, L.

ABSTRACT Subsea pipelines and flowlines are periodically subject to anchor snags that result in massive pipeline movements and/or local...
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Multi-tiered Simulation Method for Evaluation, Design and Scale-up of Processes and Process Equipment in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pordal, H. S., Matice, C.J.

ABSTRACT The pharmaceutical industry faces new challenges as it enters the 21st century. These challenges can be met by integrating key...
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Extreme Response Analyses of Marlin TLP Tendon Tension during Hurricane Ivan

Garrett, D.L., Perego, R.N, Li, G.

ABSTRACT In order to verify design factors of Marlin TLP related to extreme tension response, a statistical study on the tension data recorded...
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Effect of Reeling on Welded Umbilical Tubing Fatigue

Fox, A., Buitrago, J., Doynov, K.

ABSTRACT One key component of umbilicals is the steel tubing carrying the pressurized fluids. During manufacturing and deployment of the...
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Comparative Risk Using Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Techniques

Malloy, K.P.

ABSTRACT Drilling for oil and gas in any environment entails risk. There are risks of not hitting pay, getting stuck, taking a kick, having an oil...
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Watch Circle Assessment of Drilling Risers during a Drift-Off and Drive-Off Event of a Dynamically Positioned Vessel

Bhalla, K., Cao, Y.

ABSTRACT The primary objective of a Drift-Off assessment is to address the behavior of a drilling riser when all thrusters lose power and are no...
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Coupled Analysis of Floating Production Systems

Garrett, D.L.

ABSTRACT Fully coupled global analysis of Floating Production Systems, including the vessel, the mooring system and the riser system is described....
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Application of Limit Load Analyses to Assess the Structural Integrity of Pressure Vessels

Biel, R., Alexander, C.R.

ABSTRACT With advances in computational modeling techniques, limit load methods are gaining wider acceptance as a tool for determining the...
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Techniques for Modeling Thermal and Mechanical Stresses Generated in Catalytic Cracker and Coke Drum Hot Boxes

Alexander, C.R., and Boswell, R.

ABSTRACT Consideration of heat transfer loading between surfaces during transient and steady state conditions is required when analyzing vessels...
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