Technical Publications

Drilling Riser Fatigue Monitored in Real Time Aboard Drillship

McNeill, S., Kluk, D,. Agarwal, P., Bhalla, K., Saruhashi, T., Sawada, I., Kyo, M., Miyazaki, E., and Yamazaki, Y.

ABSTRACT: A riser-fatigue monitoring system (RFMS) has been developed to provide field measurements of drilling riser stress and fatigue in...
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A Quantitative Comparison Between C0 and C1 Elements for Solving the Cahn-Hilliard Equation

Zhang, L., Tonks, M., Millett P.

ABSTRACT: The Cahn–Hilliard (CH) equation is a time-dependent fourth-order partial differential equation (PDE).  When solving the CH...
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Describing an Axisymmetric Notch in a Pipe Using Singularities

Stoyko, D.K., Popplewell, N., Shah, A.H.

ABSTRACT: A hybrid Semi-Analytical Finite Element (SAFE) and standard finite element procedure is adopted to ultrasonically but locally detect and...
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An Analytic Formulation for Blind Modal Identification

McNeill, S.

ABSTRACT: In this paper a complex-valued formulation of the modal superposition equation is provided and shown to be equivalent to the original,...
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Extending Blind Modal Identification to the Underdetermined Case for Ambient Vibration

McNeill, S.

ABSTRACT: The modal identification framework known as Blind Modal Identification (BMID) has recently been developed, drawing on techniques from Blind...
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Developments in High Temperature Assessment

Carter, P.

ABSTRACT: Two new assessment methods are suggested for high temperature components. First, in addition to creep damage, the calculation of the...
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Metallurgical Examination of Impulsively Loaded Vessels

Burns, M.G., Haroldsen, B., Yip, M.

ABSTRACT: Establishing design and inspection criteria for impulsively loaded vessels requires a precise understanding of the damage mechanisms and...
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Development and Evaluation of a Steel-Composite Hybrid Composite Repair System

Alexander, C., and Brooks, C

ABSTRACT: Composite materials are widely recognized as a resource for repairing damaged pipelines. The fibers in conventional composite repair...
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Advanced Insights on Composite Repairs

Alexander, C., and Souza, J.

ABSTRACT: In response to inquiries from pipeline operators regarding the long-term performance of  composite materials, manufacturers have...
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Evaluating Anchor Impact Damage to the Subsea Canyon Chief Pipeline Using Analysis and Full-Scale Testing Methods

Alexander, C., Alders, A., Bath, W., Vyvial, B., Dotson, R., Seal, D

ABSTRACT: This paper presents findings from a study conducted as part of a joint industry effort involving engineers from Williams Midstream, Stress...
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Evaluating the Effects of Ovality on the Integrity of Pipe Bends

Alexander, C.

ABSTRACT: This paper provides details on a study performed for a liquids pipeline operator to evaluate the effects of ovality on the mechanical...
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Analysis of Unburied Pipeline Spans

Matta, L.M., Dotson, R.

ABSTRACT: Support requirements for unburied spans on existing pipelines can be difficult to assess. An approach for investigating the adequacy of...
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