Technical Publications

An Operator’s Perspective in Evaluating Composite Repairs

Kulkarni, S., Alexander, C.

ABSTRACT For more than a decade composite materials have been used by pipeline operators to repair damaged pipelines. To validate the performance of...
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Girth Weld Failure in a Large Diameter Gas Transmission Pipeline

Scrivner, R., Exley, B., Alexander, C.

ABSTRACT There have been several recent weld failures either during the initial post construction hydrostatic tests, or immediately following...
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Repair of Dents Subjected To Cyclic Pressure Service Using Composite Materials

Alexander, C., Bedoya, J.

ABSTRACT For the better part of the past 15 years composite materials have been used to repair corrosion in high pressure gas and liquid transmission...
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A Systematic Approach for Evaluating Dent Severity in a Liquid Transmission Pipeline System

Alexander, C., Jorritsma, E.

ABSTRACT An API 579 Level 3 assessment was performed to determine the stresses in a 2% dent in a 20-inch x 0.406-inch pipeline. The intent was to...
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Rational Stress Limits and Load Factors for Finite Element Analyses in Pipeline Applications Part I – Linear Elastic Stress Limit Development

Lin, B., Biel, R.C.

ABSTRACT: In this paper, a rational stress limit based on the von Mises equivalent stress is established for pipelines subjected to internal...
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The Use Of Acoustic Emission Testing On Long Term Monitoring Of Damaged Components

Allevato, C.

ABSTRACT: Conventional acoustic emission (AE) commercial applications in the USA focus on assessing the structural integrity of pressure vessels and...
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Developing Stress Intensification Factors for Composite Repair Systems Used to Repair Damaged Pipe

Alexander, C.

ABSTRACT For the better part of the past 15 years composite materials have been used to repair corrosion in high pressure gas and liquid transmission...
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Using Industry Standards for Designing Composite Repair Systems for Corroded Process Piping

Alexander, C., Worth, F.

ABSTRACT A significant amount of work has transpired over the past several years in generating consensus-based standards that include ASME PCC-2 and...
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Setting Up Pipe Hanger Survey Programs At New Power Plants

Kimball, L., Mize, V.

ABSTRACT The ASME piping Code has long recognized the need to perform regular monitoring of pipe hangers at power plants.  This is true not only...
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Prediction of Elastic-Plastic Boundary Around Cold-Expanded Holes Using Elastic Strain Measurement

Dutta, N., Rasty, J.

Abstract The cold-expansion process is used routinely for improving the fatigue life of holes in a variety of components. The expansion process...
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The Feasibility Of Mini Coiled Tubing To Cleanout A Plugged Umbilical

Bhalla, K. and Gong, Lixin

ABSTRACT The purpose of this paper is to present an evaluation and assess the feasibility of various Coiled Tubing (CT) sizes to reach and remove a...
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Dynamic Buckling Of Coiled Tubing During A Completion/Workover Application

Bhalla, K., Gong, Lixin

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this paper is to present how hand-calculations and a general finite element analysis program can be utilized to determine...
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