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For decades we have been providing product development services that leverages our unique physics-based engineering approach to design. Always seeking to bring more value to our services, we searched for a way to help customers create differentiated, high-value product experiences within one organization.  That is why we formed Force-4® Innovation & Collaboration Group, a design and innovation engine for product realization.

Force-4 is a design and innovation engine for product creation, development, and engineering uniquely built for today’s fast-moving, lean-focused environments. Force-4’s strength is in their ability to synthesize new market demand with the creation of high value product experiences. The team has product design and commercialization experience across a variety of industries, including medical devices, drug delivery systems, consumer products, and consumer packaged goods.

By combining innovation in consumer experience and deep technical expertise, we can seamlessly connect world-class human centered design and engineering services throughout the development process. This collaboration effectively brings together early innovation discovery, human centered design, regulatory, operations, low volume contract manufacturing and custom automation services into a single entity.

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