Product & Packaging Development

Force-4 is a design and innovation engine for product realization.

Our forte is in the ability to produce new market demand with the creation of high value product and packaging experiences. Our teams of strategists, industrial designers and engineers build on user, customer, and market insights to create viable-to-breakthrough innovation. Force-4 together with Stress Engineering Services can deliver world class engineering much earlier, as well as comprehensively throughout the development process as needed. This also enables our team to do more with less, increase speed to market, and significantly reduce the chances of product and packaging issues after launch.

Smart ideas for a smart world.     

We integrate our engineering expertise with creative design, product testing, materials evaluation, manufacturing, and failure analysis to create a development and problem-solving environment that is unique and capable of delivering high performance products, quickly and reliably. In addition, our staff has extensive expertise with the economics of product development and manufacturing, which is leveraged throughout the development process to ensure the projects are successful from the marketing, R&D, manufacturing, and financial perspectives.

• Consumer Products
• Consumer Packaging
• Medical Devices | Drug Delivery
• Outdoor Enthusiasts
• Human Performance
• Commercial | B2B
• IoT | Connected Smart-Devices
• Machine Learning | Ai Enabled Discovery

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