Setting Up Pipe Hanger Survey Programs At New Power Plants


The ASME piping Code has long recognized the need to perform regular monitoring of pipe hangers at power plants.  This is true not only of existing power plants but also of new power plants, including HRSGs and “conventional” steam generating plants.  Pipe hanger condition is an external barometer of hidden problems with the piping and attached equipment.  Recognizing pipe hanger distress can help prioritize pipe inspections and equipment maintenance.  The first part of such a surveillance program is setting up the program.  This should include: a.) defining the piping systems that will be monitored, b.) collecting survey documents, c.) setting up a schedule to perform the work, d.) training plant personnel who will be performing such a program and e.) obtaining a commitment by the plant/owners to maintain the program through the life of the plant.  This paper discusses experiences and lessons learned setting up such programs at new “conventional” lignite and HRSG plants.


Kimball, L. and Mize, V., “Setting Up Pipe Hanger Survey Programs at New Power Plants” Proceedings of POWER2010 ASME Power 2010 Conference, July 13-15, 2010, Chicago, IL.


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