Technical Publications

Fatigue Performance Characterization of a Manufacturing Seam Defect in High Frequency Electric Resistance Welded Pipe

Denowh, C., Alexander, C.R., Schott, T., Chapman, B.

ABSTRACT: The detection, characterization, and sizing of seam anomalies continues to be a challenge for both in-line and in-the-ditch inspection...
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Grade P110 Tubing Shredded by Downhole Detonation

Burns, M.G., Malloy, K.P.

ABSTRACT: A failure analysis was performed on a length of API 5CT Grade P110 tubing that failed while being used in a drilling operation....
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The Challenges of Coiled Tubing Failure Analysis

Burns, M.G., Elliott, K., Kumar, P., Graham-Wright, T., Sutch, A.

ABSTRACT Although coiled tubing provides many commercial advantages to oil and gas operators, the severe cyclic plastic strain experienced by it...
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Root Cause Analysis Solves Inoperability Problem with Downhole Flow Control Valves

Agarwal, R., Burns, M., Galiunas, M., Barrilleaux, M., Stewart, C.

ABSTRACT: Eight downhole flow control (DHFC) valves were installed between 2007 and 2012, two in each of four deepwater wells in the Gulf of Mexico...
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Rational Stress Limits and Load Factors for Finite Element Analyses in Pipeline Applications Part III โ€“ Elastic-Plastic Load Factor Development

Dotson, R., Alexander, C., Iyer, A., Gourlie, A., Kania, R.

ABSTRACT: In this paper, a methodology is presented to develop load factors for use in elastic-plastic assessments of pipelines and their...
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Experimental Response of Steel Pipelines to Close Trench Blasting

Matta, L.

ABSTRACT: When protecting pipelines from third party activities, it is beneficial for operators to apply very conservative criteria for safe...
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Finite Element Analysis of Composite Repairs with Full-Scale Validation Testing

Sheets, C., Alexander, C., Iyer, A., Rettew, R.

ABSTRACT: Composite repair systems for pipelines are continuing to be used for increasingly difficult and complex applications which can have a...
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Full-Scale Elevated Temperature Testing of Composite Repairs in Bending and Compression

Sheets, C., Alexander, C., Rettew, R., Axenova, T.

ABSTRACT: The increasing use of composite repair systems in critical and complex applications has brought greater scrutiny to their design and...
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Experimental Study of Elevated Temperature Composite Repair Materials to Guide Integrity Decisions

Sheets, C., Rettew, R., Alexander, C., Harrell, P., Baranov, D.

ABSTRACT: Over the past two decades, a significant amount of research has been conducted on the use of composite materials for the repair and...
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Reinforcing Large Diameter Elbows Using Composite Materials Subjected to Extreme Bending and Internal Pressure Loading

Alexander, C., Vyvial, B., Iyer, A., Kania, R., Zhou J.

ABSTRACT: A study was conducted to evaluate the use of E-glass/epoxy composite materials for reinforcement of large-diameter elbows. Using a...
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An Experimental Study to Evaluate the Performance of Competing Filler Materials Used With Type B and Stand-Off Steel Sleeves

Alexander, C., Beckett, A.

ABSTRACT: An experimental study was conducted to evaluate the performance of various filler materials used in Type B tight-fit and stand-off steel...
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Reinforcement of Planar Defects In Low-Frequency ERW Long Seams Using Composite Reinforcing Materials

Alexander, C., Scrivner, R., Rizk, T., Wang, H., Clayton R.

ABSTRACT: A comprehensive study was conducted to investigate the reinforcement of LF-ERW flaws located in a 16-inch x 0.312-inch (406-mm x...
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