A Highly Corrosion Resistant Titanium Alloy For Use In the Chemical Process Industry


A new titanium alloy was developed for the chemical process industry (CPI).  This alloy is targeted for use in very aggressive environments that have traditionally utilized palladium stabilized titanium grades, or high end nickel alloys. The corrosion resistance of the new alloy is similar to or better than that of ASTM grade 7 titanium, the most corrosion resistant titanium alloy available commercially. The advantage for the CPI is that this titanium alloy does not utilize expensive alloying materials, thus, metal costs are dramatically reduced when compared to grade 7. Lower costs imply that this new alloy could also serve as a general replacement for commercially pure titanium while offering far superior corrosion resistance. The alloy behaves like ASTM grade 2 (UNS 50400) titanium in terms of processing and fabrication, while offering moderately higher strength. This paper presents the alloy development process with emphasis on the corrosion behavior and anticipated applications for the new alloy within the CPI.

Divi, S., Grauman, J., “A Highly Corrosion Resistant Titanium Alloy For Use In the Chemical Process Industry”, Proceedings of The 13th World Conference on Titanium, August 16, 2015, San Diego, CA.


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