Electrochemical Corrosion Properties of TIMETAL®54M


A new titanium alloy, TIMETAL® 54M (Ti-5Al-4V-0.75Mo-0.5Fe) has been developed to replace the widely used Ti-6Al-4V alloy where extensive machining is required. Ti54M has better machinability than Ti64 with equivalent mechanical properties. In this study electrochemical corrosion tests were performed on Ti54M in various media, including reducing, oxidizing, and chloride media at ambient and higher temperatures. General corrosion behavior of Ti54M in all tested media seems to be similar to Ti64. Corrosion rates calculated through linear polarization resistance (LPR) method and potentiodynamic polarization studies showed that the corrosion behavior of Ti54M is equivalent to Ti64. Hydrogen Uptake Efficiency (HUE) tests conducted in acidic chloride containing solutions shows that the alloy Ti54M has much lower HUE than Ti64 and the repassivation potential (Ep) of Ti54M is much better than Ti64 alloy under chloride and reducing environments.

Divi, S., Grauman, J., “Electrochemical Corrosion Properties of TIMETAL®54M”, Proceedings of The 13th World Conference on Titanium, August 16, 2015, San Diego, CA.


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