Technical Publications

A Statistical Approach to Evaluating Single-Side Inlet vs Dual Inlet Temperature Distributions in Coke Drums

Penso, J., Bedoya, J., Stoller, A., Boswell, R.S.

ABSTRACT: Slide valves used to unhead coke drums have had a significant impact on the safety and efficiency of the unheading process in these...
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Assessment of the Critical Tilting Angle of a Coke Drum Vessel Subject to Seismic Loading

Penso, J., Bedoya, J., Bouse, S., Ramamoorthy, S.

ABSTRACT: Assessment of a coke drum for seismic stability is generally a well-documented load case, with ample examples and historical design...
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Comparison of Riser and Well System Response Predictions to Full-Scale Measurements in a Shallow Water Harsh Environment

Agarwal, P., McNeill, S., Bhalla, K., Miller, K.M., Baker, D.A., Zheng, H.

ABSTRACT: Well system fatigue accumulated during drilling operations from mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs) has been a topic of intensive...
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Strain-Based Pipeline Repair via Type B Sleeve

Vyvial, B., Crapps, J.M., Berlin, R.A., Suarez, H.A., Pribytkov, P.A., Proegler, J.

ABSTRACT Production and delivery of hydrocarbons in remote locations of the world may involve traversing regions which could expose pipelines to...
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Estimation of BOP Stack Drag and Added Mass Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Lopez, C.F., Pordal, H., Bhalla, K, Stahl, M.

ABSTRACT: The hydrodynamic drag and added mass of a blowout preventer (BOP stack) influences the resonant amplitudes and frequencies of a drilling...
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Wellhead Fatigue Monitoring During Subsea Well Plug and Abandonment Activities

McNeill, S., Agarwal, P., Bhalla, K., Ge, M.

ABSTRACT: Wellhead fatigue monitoring was performed during Plug and Abandonment (P&A) activities of a well in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM). Fatigue...
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Validation of Global Riser/Wellhead Analysis Using Data from a Full-Scale Measurement Campaign

Agarwal, P., McNeill, S., Bhalla, K., Walker, K.

ABSTRACT: Fatigue damage predictions of risers and wellhead/casing systems due to drilling operations require predictive modeling techniques for...
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Design Verification and Validation Testing of the Stones Jumper Breakaway Joint

San Pedro, R.I., Boubenider, R., Neelam, M.K., Walden, N.L., Epperson, D.R.

ABSTRACT: The design verification analysis and validation testing of an 8 inch jumper and integrated breakaway joint for the Stones subsea...
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Corrosion Performance of Nickel Based Alloys in Highly Concentrated Hydrochloric Acid

Divi, S., Spiller, D.

ABSTRACT: Nickel alloys, especially the nickel (Ni)-chromium (Cr)-molybdenum (Mo) family, offer excellent resistance to hydrochloric acid. The...
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Electrochemical Study of Acetic Acid Influence on Carbon Steel Corrosion in Sour Environment

Divi, S., Efird, K.D., Spiller, D.

ABSTRACT: This paper presents the results of an investigation into the effect of ppm concentrations of acetic acid on the electrochemical...
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Collective Effects of Leakage, Temperature Changes, and Entrapped Air during Hydrostatic Testing

Matta, L.

ABSTRACT: During hydrostatic testing of pipelines, leaks in the test section will result in a loss of test pressure, and a reduction in water...
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ILI and NDE Characterization of Pipeline Manufacturing Flaws and Confirmation through Full-Scale Testing

Futch, D., Scrivner, R., Dotson, R., Pulsifer, A.

ABSTRACT: Pipeline-manufacturing flaws, such as slivers, can be difficult to accurately characterize and size during in-line inspection. After...
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