Technical Publications

Simplified Computation of Creep Damage Propagation

Marriott, D., Stumph III, H., Sreeranganathan, A., Matice, C.

ABSTRACT: The commonly accepted approach to dealing with material damage as the cause of structural failure is to treat the most highly distressed...
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Fitness for Service Assessment of Piping Subject to Random Vibration

Breaux, L., McNeill, S. and Szasz, G.

ABSTRACT: A methodology is presented for Level 1 and 2 Fitness-for-Service (FFS) assessments of process and power piping subject to random...
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Decomposing a Signal into Short-Time Narrow-Banded Modes

McNeill, S.

ABSTRACT: An algorithm for nonparametric decomposition of a signal into the sum of short-time narrow-banded modes (components) is introduced....
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Environmental Stress Cracking of Medical Thermoplastics: Assessing Lifetime of High Performance Amorphous Resins in Presence of Hospital Cleaners

Klein, R.J., Gibler, M.J., Jacobs, R.M., Sell, E.L., Lince, S.D.

ABSTRACT: There is a critical need to quantify and predict the likelihood of Environmental Stress Cracking (ESC) in medical devices, due to the...
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Deepwater Hydrate Plug Remediation Using Gas Life – A Unique Approach & Novel Application of Fundamental Physics

Rebello, A., Boubenider, R., Alexander, L.W.

ABSTRACT: Hydrate formation is a known flow assurance risk in deepwater flowlines, and remediation via single-sided depressurization presents...
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Improved Binning Criterion for Developing Scatter Diagram of Loop Current and Eddies

Agarwal, P., Forristal, G.

ABSTRACT: Loop Current and Eddies (LCE) occur in the Gulf of Mexico and can cause fatigue of tubular systems such as drilling and production...
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Cracking the Code: How Measured Data Coupled with Engineering Analysis can Increase Asset Utilization

McNeill, S., Bhalla, K

ABSTRACT: To date, the oil and gas industry has struggled to employ structural monitoring data in meaningful way. The missing link has been the...
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A Highly Corrosion Resistant Titanium Alloy For Use In the Chemical Process Industry

Divi, S., Grauman, J.

ABSTRACT: A new titanium alloy was developed for the chemical process industry (CPI).  This alloy is targeted for use in very aggressive...
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Electrochemical Corrosion Properties of TIMETAL®54M

Divi, S., Grauman, J.

ABSTRACT: A new titanium alloy, TIMETAL® 54M (Ti-5Al-4V-0.75Mo-0.5Fe) has been developed to replace the widely used Ti-6Al-4V alloy where extensive...
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A Method for Estimating Quasi-Static Riser Deformation and Applied Forces From Sparse Riser Inclination Measurements

McNeill, S.

ABSTRACT: The objective of this paper is to report progress and recent findings related to the remediation of damaged high-pressure, high-temperature...
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Estimation of Most Probable Maximum From Short-Duration or Undersampled Time-Series Data

Agarwal, P., Bhalla, K., Walker, W.

ABSTRACT: The most probable maximum (MPM) is the extreme value statistic commonly used in the offshore industry. The extreme value of vessel motions,...
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Repair and Intervention of HPHT Flowlines

Ayers, R., Gage, E., Rebello, A., Wilson, I.

ABSTRACT: The objective of this paper is to report progress and recent findings related to the remediation of damaged high-pressure,...
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