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Dynamic Risers for Floating Production System API Standard 2RD, 2nd Edition


Since the first edition of API RP 2RD, Recommended Practice for Design of Risers for Floating Production Systems (FPSs) and Tensioned-Leg Platforms (TLPs), was issued in June 1998, hydrocarbon exploration and production in deep water environments have increased significantly. As a consequence, the need was identified to update that code of practice to address the issues and lessons learned from that experience. The title of the document has been changed to eliminate reference to any one type of floating hull. A broad scope of marine dynamic risers is covered, including various steel catenary risers and top tensioned risers.

Garrett, D.L., “Dynamic Risers for Floating Production Systems API Standard 2RD, 2nd Edition”, Proceedings of OTC 2015, May 4, 2015, Houston, TX.