Topsides Analysis for Damage Assessment and Repair


During Hurricane Ike, the drilling rig on the Mad Dog Spar was lost. When the rig was lost, the rig exited the platform to the west, damaging the west crane and the topsides primary steel. BP contracted Stress Engineering Services Inc. (SES) to contribute to the activities associated with the damage assessment and remediation planning. The design of repairs to existing structures requires analysis techniques that differ from those used for original design. This presentation will provide an overview of the analysis methodologies used to maintain the safe operation of the platform prior to, during, and after repairs, and design repairs used to restore the platform to a condition comparable to that before the damage occurred.

Ross, G., “Topsides Analysis for Damage Assessment and Repair”, Proceedings of the Topsides Platforms – Hulls Conference, February 3-5, 2015, Houston, TX, USA


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