Noise & Vibration

Sound Pressure & Vibration Testing Services

Stress Engineering Services has a long history of providing noise and vibration solutions as they apply to structures, equipment, machinery, consumer products, medical devices, systems, pipelines, vessels and more. We specialize in noise and vibration problems that are complex and require in-depth assessment approaches—ones that involve combinations of computer simulations, specialty field measurements, and/or advanced data analysis techniques.

Both in the field and in the laboratory, we are fully equipped to perform a variety of noise and vibrating testing services including sound pressure levels or experimental modal analysis, as well as flow-induced, vortex-induced, and force response vibration. We integrate our broad range of experience and extensive measurement, testing, and analysis capabilities to quickly identify sources of problems and provide the most efficient and practical solutions.

  • Sound Pressure Levels
  • Flow-Induced Vibration
  • Force Response Vibration
  • Vortex-Induced Vibration
  • Experimental Modal Analysis
  • Turbulence-Induced Vibration

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