Cost Optimization

Managing costs is a very common issue in today’s highly competitive markets.  We work with you and your team to help reduce the total delivered cost of goods by reducing material usage for the product, simplifying mechanisms to eliminate parts, streamlining manufacturing, and reducing the cost of packaging.

Using Advanced Methods to Solve Problems

We use a physics-based package development process that typically delivers schedule and cost savings of 25% to 50%. This approach replaces traditional trial-and-error methods by verifying performance using analytical models and computational evaluations while still in the design phase. Our long history and expertise in failure remediation is especially valuable to clients developing non-core products/ packages because we can help get a new, high-quality product/package to market faster.

Based on our history of implementing cost-savings projects, we have discovered that each of the following four areas represents a significant opportunity to reduce costs.

  • Optimization of Current Systems
  • Implementation of New Technologies
  • Changes in Product Specifications
  • Changes in Purchasing Strategies

Reducing Cost on Current and Next Generation Products

We apply the latest innovations in technology and materials science to optimize your product’s performance while simultaneously reducing costs. By using cost modeling, we help clients understand and take advantage of economies of scale as well as understand the right price to pay suppliers for materials and components. Also, we have techniques to quickly evaluate product performance relative to product requirements.

Improving the Bottom Line by Improving Quality

When quality problems arise, getting the right data is essential. We have a broad base of failure analysis, instrumentation, and testing expertise to get the data that drives the problem. We work alongside our clients to solve product quality problems before they have an adverse effect on business.

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