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Stress Engineering Services is a world leader in failure analysis of consumer and medical devices/products.  We are unique because we have the opportunity to evaluate and resolve several failures every year as opposed to most who see one or two.  It is this experience that makes us highly effective at identifying the causes of failure very quickly.  Most failures are the result of multiple causes, typically involving some elements of design, materials, and manufacturing.

Equipped with the Right Tools

Our failure analysis tools include high magnification inspection equipment such as optical microscopes, digital microscopes, and a scanning electron microscope (SEM).  We have a great deal of expertise with nearly every manufacturing process and with all types of materials including plastics, glass, metals and composites.  Failure analysis typically involves using product inspections, market data, returned product, and design information to develop one or more hypotheses regarding the causes.  The hypotheses must then be tested to generate confidence that the causes are identified, which can then lead to recommendations.

Testing Laboratories

Our testing laboratories are an integral part of the Stress Engineering Services failure analysis approach. Our laboratories provide critical information for analyzing failures such as:

  • Material testing for mechanical properties and material degradation, such as aging and environmental stress cracking
  • Product performance testing under various conditions
  • Life assessment testing of components and devices
  • Instrumentation of components for use in actual devices to quantify in-use loads, temperature, pressure, strain, etc.

We understand all aspects of product design, materials, and manufacturing.  As a result, we can provide recommendations that have minimum impact on current product designs or manufacturing processes to resolve product failures.

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