Firearms Forensic Services

Stress Engineering Services offers Firearms Forensic Services and a full spectrum of failure analysis and ballistics testing. Our team of experts, with their extensive knowledge in the firearms field and our nearly fifty years of engineering analysis expertise, can formulate a multi-disciplined approach to nearly all firearms or ballistics-related issues.

Firearm Design Review and Analysis

Qualified to consult on most weapon-related subjects, from firearms design, functionality, operability, maintenance, inspection, and testing, to the mechanics behind the firing of pistols, rifles, machine guns and shotguns.

Firearm Safety (including drop safety and other failure modes)

When firearms negligence is alleged in civil and criminal cases involving gun accidents, our forensic services offer to consult for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Accident and Failure Investigation & Analysis

We provide a multi-disciplined approach to investigating gun accidents, involving inadvertent discharge, failure modes and accident reconstruction.

Accidental Discharge

We can investigate and analyze detailed firearm failure modes and explaining how each could result in an inadvertent discharge. This ballistics analysis can have significant ramifications for both the gun owner and the gun manufacturer.

Civil and criminal cases

We offer multi-disciplinary consulting involving firearms, consistently presenting complex information in a clear, comprehensible manner. We provide consulting involving firearms deployed in hunting, accidents, shootings, and homicides.  In cases of alleged self-defense, we can also consult regarding the realities of defensive gun use, considering a range of environmental influences including lighting, surroundings, etc.


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