Forensic Investigations

We conduct independent, third-party forensic metallurgical investigations for attorneys, expert witnesses, insurance companies, government officials, equipment manufacturers and owners. We utilize our first-class facilities, specialized equipment and highly trained personnel to conduct efficient, cost-effective investigations for clients.

Handling Capacity: From Macro to Micro

At the core of our forensic services is our customer focused, full-scale laboratory and field-testing capabilities. We enable a wide cross-section of industries, along with the legal community, to reliably replicate environments and conditions to re-create situations of choice. In addition, our labs are uniquely capable of managing exceptionally heavy equipment such as energy producing, chemical processing and utility equipment, as well as the most delicate of components such as medical devices and consumer products.

Fully Virtual Experience

Currently, it is much more efficient to convene people virtually than attempting to assemble everyone in one physical location ─ especially when some are unable to travel or required to travel long distances. That is why we offer fully interactive virtual third-party investigations via secure remote video streaming. These sessions enable clients to remotely interact with the investigation, with all participants able to take an active role in requesting multi-camera views and photographs.

Stress Engineering Services is your “One-Stop-Shop” with the facilities, staff, and
expertise needed to solve all your forensic investigation issues.

Independent Investigation

As an independent, third party laboratory, we provide laboratory services to experts who may not have the number of technicians or full range of lab capabilities that we provide. Our priority is to listen to our clients’ needs, effectively assess the problems and combine the right skills and resources to solve them in a timely manner. Our licensed professional engineers can also serve as expert witnesses for forensic investigations.

Confidential and Secure

Confidentially and information security is of the utmost importance to us ─ always operating with discretion to safeguard the reputation of our clients. We also are committed to ensuring our employees and visitors stay safe while on the job by following strict useful health and safety protocols in every aspect of the workplace.

Scalable Customer Service

Investigations carried out at our metallurgical labs are custom designed to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness for our clients. Services can be scaled to meet individual needs, depending on the size of the investigation, and associated legal and/or insurance claims.

Third Party Forensic Investigations Video

Take a tour of our expert independent, efficient, and cost-effective third-party forensic metallurgical investigation services.


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