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“Operating at the outer reaches of engineering excellence, the aerospace sector demands skilled staff, serviceable systems and state-of-the-art equipment.”


Optimized function

We believe that a thorough understanding of function, reliability, cost and manufacturing should drive successful aerospace system and structure designs. Our highly client-focused approach to design projects means that we are fully committed to getting you what you need. With a deep understanding of what works in the real world, informed by more than 40 years of first-hand experience, we can identify and incorporate key technical requirements in the conceptual phase. Our physics-driven design process means that we design products that are smarter, more reliable, faster to market and ultimately more profitable, as the resulting form is optimized to its function.


Predicting; optimizing

We specialize in computer-based process modeling and simulation technologies to predict performance and optimize design, including Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Floating Systems Analysis (FSA). Our engineers routinely apply these technologies to process fluid mechanics, heat, and mass transfer analysis. Harnessing this advanced technology provides unique opportunities to propose and test design changes and serves to build the understanding necessary to mitigate the failure of products, machinery and processes.

“With an emphasis on delivering service with integrity, we work closely with aerospace clients to provide advanced design, analysis and testing services.”

Testing Services and Custom Test Systems

Delivering certainty

With no margin for error, our clients need to be absolutely certain about the safety and security of their technologies when in flight. This level of certitude can only be achieved with rigorous field or laboratory testing. With more than 40 years of test experience, we have the expertise to design custom tests to your specifications, or work with you to develop those specifications. With more than 160,000 ft2 of state-of-the-art laboratory space, we can simulate a wide range of aerospace-related operational conditions, so you can push your equipment to the limit and get the answers you need.

Materials Science and Engineering

Engineering insight

Our materials science capabilities span a very broad range of materials, ranging from advanced metal alloys to composites and polymers. Leveraging an extensive array of in-house design, analysis and testing resources, our materials science experts and engineers can recommend materials choices for particular applications, predict material life and reliability in harsh environments and perform root cause analysis of structural failures.

Our extensive experience with advanced materials engineering and metallurgy makes us a leading partner to aerospace clients that want to discover and solve potential problems before they arise.

“We give clients peace of mind that their systems can be relied upon to perform as expected, when needed, in the world’s most demanding applications.”

Instrumentation, Data Acquisition and Avionics

Mastering systems

Our Mechanical Test Fixture Controls and Measurement System is designed to provide more than just sensor measurements—it delivers actionable information. From data acquisition to integrated systems, we specialize in a variety of measurement and control needs including system design and development, instrumentation and software development. We work with you to develop specifications and integrate brand new systems for enhanced design performance, deploying electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and optical control systems to address measurement goals and solve your engineering challenges.

Computational Modeling and Simulation

Predicting performance

We are a leader in computational modeling and simulation. In the upper reaches of the atmosphere, in orbit, or at the outer edge of the Solar System, our aerospace clients are working in conditions that push the boundaries of technology and human endurance. Our engineers use powerful computational methods including mathematical modeling, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, multibody dynamics and multiphysics simulation to examine a very wide range of aerospace events. We also apply these tools to modeling human physiology and biomechanics related to adaptation and performance in extreme high altitude or space flight environments.


Supporting complex systems

From modeling the kinematics and dynamics of robotic systems; to design, analysis and testing of robotic system components; selection and integration of sensors and actuators; and development of complex robotic systems, we are experienced in providing in-depth engineering support to robotics-related projects.

Our most vital attribute is our client-focused approach – we are committed to getting you what you need. The close relationship forged between our engineers, measurements and controls group, and test labs, is the key to our engineering success. We are armed with the culmination of forty years’ worth of design, testing and analytical experience and real first-hand knowledge of what works.

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