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Packaging & Packaging Lines

Package development is a continuum with many waypoints. Stress Engineering Services has the skills, experience and imagination required to engineer the most cost-effective balance between consumer satisfaction, safety and sustainability. We have the capabilities to do it all, or we can assist with any phase of your project as needed. In the end, the intellectual property is yours alone.

Our areas of expertise include package concept and design, plastics conversion, structural analysis and testing, closures, manufacturing system evaluation, transportation and distribution, troubleshooting, and failure analysis. In addition to developing and optimizing package designs for performance and value, we have a wide range of skills related to development, reliability evaluation, and troubleshooting of packaging line equipment.

Using Advanced Methods to Solve Problems

We use a physics-based package development process that typically delivers schedule and cost savings of 25% to 50%. This approach replaces traditional trial-and-error methods by verifying performance using analytical models and computational evaluations while still in the design phase.

Predicting and Optimizing Package Performance

We were the first to apply leading-edge predictive analysis methods to packaging. The success of this technique has resulted in its widespread acceptance by industry leaders for predicting and optimizing package performance, long before prototypes are considered. While reducing costs and shortening schedules, these methods also minimize technical and commercial risks associated with new package development.

Our Capabilities

We offer the following engineering capabilities:

The Right People with the Right Experience 

We have the engineering, design, testing, manufacturing, and purchasing experience to support our customers with niche projects through the complete development of packaging.  Our staff consists of Professional Engineers (P.E.), a Certified Packaging Professional (CPP), Industrial Designers, and Economist.