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The pipeline infrastructure of North America is not only being expanded aggressively, but is aging at the same time. Stress Engineering Services helps operators across the continent expand pipeline networks safely, repair them effectively, and reduce failure-related downtime significantly. From pipeline failure analysis to integrity management challenges, we know how to solve pipeline problems.

Our system assignments are diverse: High-pressure interstate gas pipelines. Oil and hydrocarbon products pipelines. Local distribution (LDC) gas lines. We bound the problem, defining its parameters, interpolating between stress points. We use advanced finite element analysis and modeling, materials engineering, burst testing, field instrumentation, and monitoring expertise to help our customers guard against catastrophic failure and maintain mechanical integrity.

We evaluate pipeline failure or the potential for failure, determining for our customers the safe limits of prospective operations. We analyze mechanical damage from gouges to dents, define the safest conditions, identify roadblocks to long-term operation, and help ensure they are accounted for before installation or repair.

Above all, we are an experienced, hands-on technological and problem-solving resource for transportation infrastructure operators, not just in High Consequence Areas (HCAs), but in wide open spaces across the continent.

Our Pipeline Engineering Capabilities