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Product Development

Mechanical Design and Development

Engineering the design of a concept from initial need definition through to the final deliverable product is one of our strongest skills. Projects are conducted with the utmost in quality and reliability by evaluating the requirements, identifying the related codes and standards, and then defining the scope of subsequent activities that will determine the outcome of the design.

Details are given the highest priority that include specifications of components, raw material, dimensions and tolerances to confirm variables such as critical loads, deflections, motions and strength requirements. By applying this dedicated level of detail and precision to a project, we are able to develop and deliver the most applicable engineered solutions.

Manufacturers are increasingly challenged to create products that work smarter and faster while still maintaining profitability. Our engineering staff and supporting test laboratory specializes in the development and improvement of products and special purpose machinery for a number of industries including oil and gas, manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, medical, and defense.

  • Preliminary, Conceptual and Final Designs
  • Design Verification
  • Optimization and Analysis
  • Component and Systems Testing

Product & Packaging Development

The Stress Engineering Services approach to plastic product and component development enables clients to predict performance and optimize the design before a commitment is made for tooling. This methodology, when properly applied, can result in significant reductions in development time and total delivered cost.

Our capabilities include:

Our principal objective is making your product a commercial success. We achieve this success by focusing on five key issues: (1) understanding and responding to your market, (2) understanding and responding to your business situation, (3) managing risks throughout the project, (4) managing unit manufactured costs throughout the project, and (5) following a defined, managed development process.

Stress Engineering Services uses the latest design, analysis and experimental tools to model performance and predict failures before they happen. We also offer a full range of prototype molding services.