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Offshore Flowlines / Pipelines

We specialize in producing innovative and results-oriented flowline and pipeline solutions using methods involving intensive design, analysis, and a complete study of the latest developments in pipeline technology.

Our flowline and pipeline engineering expertise stems from an unparalleled background in product development, industry recognized analysis, and unrivaled leadership in testing. By utilizing our extensive pipeline engineering expertise, resources, and technological capabilities we are able provide clients around the world, effective and efficient solutions.

Some Of Our Flowline / Pipeline Engineering Capabilities Include:

  • Flowline / Pipeline Design
  • Span VIV and Fatigue Analysis
  • Thermal Expansion Analysis
  • Permit Documentation
  • Pipeline Repair, Tooling, and Procedures
  • Flexible Pipe Applications
  • Material. Installation and Specifications
  • Pipe & Equipment Installation Analysis
  • Pipeline Damage Investigation