Stress Engineering Services Launches Asset Integrity Management Platform

NeoSight logoStress Engineering Services, Inc., has recently launched NeoSight®: a new and innovative asset integrity management platform.

The primary goal of the NeoSight platform is to incorporate hindsight, insight and foresight into the evaluation of asset performance and integrity, for a range of industries and applications. The platform leverages and supplements new or existing digitalization efforts, integrating directly with existing business systems in real-time or near real-time. This reduces the time to action from days, or months, to minutes.

A physics-based digital twin model is built into each NeoSight tool, which accurately simulates asset response. Digital twin models allow for the integration of inspection, analysis and measured data, providing important, previously unavailable insights into asset behavior.

David Renzi, principal, Stress Engineering Services, said, “The NeoSight platform represents the culmination of Stress Engineering Services’ 45 years of experience as the leader in advanced simulation technologies. While other systems simply monitor measured responses to diagnose problems, NeoSight also models the physics of the systems to understand what is causing the responses and make future predictions. By understanding the underlying physics of the systems, their failure modes and other nuances of these assets, we can provide a more comprehensive assessment to support decision-making.

“NeoSight fills a gap in asset integrity management by automating the link between data and models, enabling a continuous evaluation of the system of interest. Improved efficiency in the user’s operations, maintenance and planning, enables them to save costs, enhance operability and extend the life of their assets,” Renzi concluded.

Discover how NeoSight improves efficiency, maintenance and planning – reducing costs and extending the life of critical assets and facilities by contacting a Stress Engineering Services representative today, or visiting them on the web at


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