Development and Validation of a Modeling Technique for the Accurate Prediction of Heat-Up Times


Accurate prediction of the time required for a heat treat load to reach the prescribed temperature will reduce variability and improve the quality of the heat treating process. A technique for these predictions, based on finite element models, was developed and validated. This paper describes the experiments carried out to characterize the behavior of the furnaces. The key parameters and their relative significance are identified. The validation of the model through trials conducted as part of actual production runs is discussed. The extension of the modeling technique to other facilities and to multi-step heat treating processes is also described.


Alexander, C., and Jorritsma, E., “A Systematic Approach for Evaluating Dent Severity in a Liquid Transmission Pipeline System,” Proceedings of IPC2010 (Paper No. IPC2010-31538), 8th International Pipeline Conference, September 27 – October 1, 2010, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


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